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Season 1

NYBA Screening  at Club social 911

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Save the future

Spain / Directed by Bárbara Fdez.

A nineties thriller reminds us that we are only a few days away from the end of the world, and the only option left is to bury ourselves. Through contemporary dance, we will hear a love letter to that which pollutes our bodies and thus our souls. We have drawn a line between Slow Fashion and the freedom it offers us.
What would happen if clothes treated us as we treat them?

End. This is not dance

Argentina/ Directed by Rosario Ruete

Three generations of independent dance in Argentina intertwine in END - Esto no es Danza. Between choreographies, movement, sounds and words the story is built that tries to reflect on vocation, work, art and death.

Ma Cigno ( The almost dead Swan)

Italy / Directed by Simone Rosset

In an atmosphere suspended between real and grotesque places, between stereotyped movement and visual flow, we follow the life of a 20-heeled swan, perhaps more awkward and unfortunate than others, who has no place in the pond of his life.

Dancing is an old friend

United States / Directed by Marta Renzi

Two old friends re-connect virtually. One still dances professionally, the other only for pleasure. Like their friendship, their dancing manages to transcend time and distance.

Your Kid

United States / Directed by Sergi Castella

“Tu Niño” is a love letter from a son yearning to connect with his distant father. It follows the journey of gypsy flamenco dancer, El Niño, who left his conservative community in Spain to immerse himself in the city of Los Angeles. Unsure of what he is searching for he loses himself to the underworld of a decaying society. A visual poem set to the rhythm of his “taconeo” that explores the individualism and alienation that comes when one leaves home. Staring up at the same moon as his father, from different perspectives, he now tries to communicate his loneliness reflecting on his origins with resurrected longing.

Tarjeta Roja

Chile/ Directed by Ana Albornoz

The emigrant is both a patient of his displacement and an agent who decides to move to achieve what he values. Migrants are subjects who think, decide and act, but they are also actors who recite the roles that are historically assigned to them. TARJETA ROJA is a video dance proposal that seeks to embody that unresolved feeling of a body in a state of travel, transit, transfer, walk, travel, wait, circulate are verbs that this piece seeks to recite from the individual and collective.


United Kingdom/ Directed by Alice Pan

PRE-SENZA originated from my desire of wanting to explore presence at a time where we were denied the ability to coexist in the same space. What is left of our encounters if they cannot happen in a physical space? Can we really meet through distance? What is left of live performances when denied its very liveness?


France/ Directed by lacour jean-charles

This project traveled across Georgia to highlight artistic and social activity in the basement of a country in tension. Art is defined as an outlet.


United States / Directed by Holly Wilder

“Morning” is a dance film dedicated to those we've lost to the Covid-19 pandemic. Produced by award winning dance filmmaking duo, Wilder Project, the film honors the grief that has accompanied us through this period. In an exploration of aliveness, transition, and catharsis, the dancers claw through different textures of earth and water with a sense of reverence and surrender. 


USA/ Directed by Myles Thatcher, Carly Topazio

The main character is looking for “a key”, but the searches are suspended when she is unexpectedly surrounded by strangers. She will have to fight them.

Not from here

South Africa/ Directed by Oscar Tony O'Ryan, Louise Coetzer

NOT FROM HERE is an ode to the unique South African Karoo landscape. The film follows two visitants, conjured by their circle, as they journey across the barren desert landscapes. Stark contrasts are drawn between the figures in motion, set against the vastness of the otherworldly terrain they encounter. NOT FROM HERE expresses the unfamiliar, in search of acceptance.

Struck a Bow and Bones

France/ Directed by Feike Santbergen, Sara Ducat

Collective of dancers looking for connection through movement


US/ Directed by Daniel Williams

Capstone was created to depict the intricacies of always having to climb uphill in all the imposition facets of life as a colored human being. Whether it be protecting women or going at it alone between the sexes or even as a group.

Found: Community Through Movement

USA/ Directed by Jessica Riggs

The Covid-19 Pandemic was a particularly difficult time for older adults residing in independent living apartment homes. With greater safety precautions and longer periods of lockdown on top of an already high rate of loneliness and isolation, the effects of the pandemic were profound. When it was safe, an improvisation-based dance class helped bring these folks out of their rooms and into the company of others.


USA/ Directed by Jenna Zavrel

Nina is a project that explores the intersection of memory and place. The work shows how isolation in such spaces supports the freedom to feel the depth and width of the emotional range conjured up by the memory.

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